Hi Lisa, My sister requested that you paint a portrait of our deceased son, Evan Christopher Sutton. She presented it to us on the one-year anniversary of his death. You are truly talented and did a wonderful job on the portrait. You have touched our lives in a way we could have never imagined. Thank you and continued success.

-Andrea and Larry Sutton


Lisa, We are getting lots of compliments on Sophia’s portrait. We love it! Good luck and thanks so much for touching our lives.

-Sincerely, August & Tonya Cauduro


Beautiful work. Mysterious and extraordinary images. Presence of past and future.

-Nelson de Paula


Incredible! Your art is Incredible. The color and textures make those dull black & white sonograms come to life. I can’t wait until my daughter decides to have a child. I will definitely be in contact.

– Mary Roberts, San Diego, CA


The portrait of Kendall is awesome! Every time I walk by it I love it more! It is so beautiful and it brings back the incredible feelings of carrying Kendall inside of me. We will cherish the portrait forever. You are so talented and we wish you the very best.

-Love, Kristen Curtis


Thank you so much for the beautiful portrait. Paul and I will cherish it forever! Unfortunately, my words can’t adequately describe our gratitude for your precious gift. I wish you great success with your business. Every mother should have one of your wonderful pieces of art!

-Love, Stacy Goldean


WOW! I hadn’t seen the updated guest book in a while. What a wonderful surprise!! I knew that the lord was going to use your talent in a very special way…and look what “he” has done with you. I can’t tell you how many people here are so impressed with your work and your ethics…Dr. Laura and Oprah are always bring up the fact that what makes a person special is the strength of their character. And frankly my dear, I believe you have created more than a portrait. You are literally showing us that life is a precious gift from god. I am so proud of you!

-My love forever and always…your Tía


Lisa, I am an Ultrasonographer who learned of your site through my brother. Your artwork is abstract and amazing capturing each child’s individuality. I will be sure to have a portrait painted when I am ready for a child of my own. I will surely tell other sonographers of this wonderful site!

-Amber Lynn


This is so neat! I read about this in the Oregonian newspaper and decided to go on line and check it out. Unfortunately, I had a stillborn baby at 6 months. Dylan’s picture when he was born and a couple of sonograms are all I have left of him. I’m considering ordering a portrait. I know that almost making Dylan come to life through this sonogram would just bring me to tears. Keep up the good work!!!


In 1990, my husband had a vasectomy. Our daughter, second child, was born mentally handicapped with many medical problems. We acted hastily because of fear and when she was 1, we decided to commit this sin. I use the term non-judgmentally; of course, I can only speak for myself.


My prayer for the last 10 years has been that God would be merciful upon us and grant us another child. I believe with all my heart, He is going to do just that. When He does, I will utilize these precious works of art to announce her coming.


Thank you for your heart. Your website has touched me more than you will ever know. By the way . . . our daughter is the biggest blessing we could have ever hoped for. God certainly wraps His most special gifts in funny little packages 🙂

-Sabrina Polly


This is an incredible site! What a great idea – really eye opening!


Lisa, Your work is some of the neatest art I’ve seen in a long time — if only that it emphasizes the precious life of an unborn child. God bless.



Sure wish I had this 18 years ago when I had an ultrasound of my daughter. I wonder if the hospital would still have that picture….Heard you on Life Talk. What an excellent idea and beautiful pictures.

-Sharon-N.B. Canada


Dear Lisa, I got the portraits, and I love them! I can’t wait to get them framed so I can share them with our family and friends. Great work!!



Lisa’s imagination came alive when she did our portraits; the vivid colors and design are going to make a gift that will be passed down for generations to come. Thanks! –

-The Igoes


Lisa & George, I guess you know that you’ll be a part of my son’s life forever! The sonogram portrait is priceless. I can’t believe how spectacular it is…

-love much, Terri & John


The ArtInUtero portrait of Skye is beautiful! We just love it. It is so special to us. You did a wonderful job…

-Love, Julie & Manny