WoodFam_0143Lisa has an amazing talent for creating one-of-a-kind artwork. This division of her company is called ArtInUtero. Her one of a kind art portrays babies in their mother’s womb before they take their first breath. The ArtInUtero venture started as a way to give a unique gift to friends and family members who were expecting children. At the heart of Lisa’s success is her deep and abiding love of children and life. Her portraits show the celebration of just that.

Lisa began experimenting with this amazing art because of her husband’s encouragement when she did so with her own sonogram. She is constantly developing her signature style of bringing a whole new dynamic of pregnancy by creating unique portraits that provide a deeply emotional and visual impact.

ArtInUtero begins with a black and white sonogram or a still shot from a videotape. Lisa then transforms that miracle of technology into a colorful, textured artwork on canvas and watercolor paper. A certificate accompanies each finished portrait that shows a copy of the original sonogram, a thumbprint of the completed portrait, along with the baby’s birth statistics and a personal message.

The certificate can be attached to the back of the framed portrait or placed with the baby’s mementos. Her keepsake works are now hanging in homes, art galleries, businesses, and doctor’s offices around the country. One excited Texas gallery owner who showed five of Lisa’s works commented, ”… These amazing works of art are abstract representations of the miracle of life. When you study them, you can see life captured in the most concealed way.”

Lisa and her husband, George, are striving to produce a growing range of products which include books, calendars, greeting cards, stationery, photo albums, all based on her amazing artwork. Lisa and George now live in North Carolina with their three children.